EUR 25 million subsidy granted: Industry Consortium receives funds for polyethylenfuranoate (PEF)

Jun 8, 2017

  • European Joint Undertaking on Bio-Based Industries (BBI) awards consortium with 25 million Euro
  • Synvina coordinates industry consortium “PEFerence”
  • Grant for establishing a complete value chain for the use of bio-based furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) for PEF
  • Synvina intends to build a 50,000 tons plant for FDCA

The European Joint Undertaking on Bio-Based Industries (BBI), consisting of representatives from the European Union and the bio-based industry, granted 25 million Euro to “PEFerence”, a consortium of eleven companies. The grant supports the establishment of an innovative value chain for bio-based raw materials as well as chemicals and materials based on polyethylenefuranoate (PEF). It includes the intended construction of a 50,000 tons FDCA reference plant, the main chemical building block for the production of PEF. Synvina will be coordinating the “PEFerence” project.

Please find the full text here (for the German version click here).

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