Feb 2018: Member portrait European Bioplastics
Synvina presents itself as a member of European Bioplastics. There are five key facts about Synvina that you shouldn’t miss.

Sept 2017: Recycling
Synvina’s PEF bottles can be recycled using the same processing steps as PET. This is a major step towards the integration of packaging from Synvina’s PEF in the circular economy. Please find our basic presentation here.
July 2017: PEF bottle blowing
Learn more about PEF bottle blowing and the superior product properties of PEF bottles in the Bioplastics Magazine. Please click the image to read the full article.
Source: Bioplastics Magazine
May 2017: Interview Patrick Schiffers
Please read an interview of Patrick Schiffers in the Bio-Based World News. Please click the image to read the full article.
To read the full magazine, click here.  Source: Bio-Based World News
April 2017: Synvina at a glance
What makes PEF a superior bio-plastic? Please click the image to enlarge and here to download.